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Myron Mixon Pitmaster Q3 Review

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Myron Mixon pitmaster


Many were surprised to see Myron Mixon’s name on this low cost pellet smoker. His name and the relatively low price should help introduce more people to the joys of pellet smoking, and that is a very good thing. It’s been tough for manufacturers to raise consumer awareness about pellet smokers because the vast majority doesn’t understand what they are and why they cost so much more than other outdoor cookers. Established brands like Traeger and Green Mountain have been fighting for years to win over America one backyard at a time.

When fans of Mixon’s BBQ Pitmasters TV Series start bringing Q3s home, friends and family will see and taste pellet smoking, positive word of mouth will spread the news, and sales of all brands may get a boost. readers should take note, however, that Q3 is not made by Myron Mixon Smokers: it’s made by Mojak, a company that manufactures mower lifts, hand trucks and other material handling products. Made cheap to sell cheap with a couple bells and whistles thrown in, Mixon’s name is likely one of the more costly items on this lightweight device.

Black metal cabinet on wheels placed on an outdoor patio. A rectangular metal frame is sticking out of the cabinet.

Mixon’s signature “Integrated Water Pan” is a rectangular cut out in the drip pan below the grates where a disposable bread pan (not included) may be inserted and filled with liquid. Water pans are always nice to have, but usually not needed in a pellet smoker.

The easy access ash dump tray (shown above) is not as handy as it sounds. Pellets don’t create a lot of ash, but they do need to be cleaned periodically. Cleaning is always a pain because you have to remove the greasy grates, drip pan and heat deflector to scoop or vacuum ash in the fire pot and smoke box bottom. With Q3 you still have to do most of the above, but can elect to clean out the firepot then sweep all the ash toward a scraper mechanism that pushes it into a removable tray. Only a couple pellet smokers, like the Camp Chef DLX, have true ash removal systems.

The unusual digital thermostatic controller has an infinitely variable dial instead of a notched dial or touch keypad. Temperature range is said to be 180⁰ to 400⁰. Owners seem reasonably happy with the look and performance of the Q3. Low cost is a very attractive feature because you can easily find it for waaaaay below our posted MSRP. Check out our Where to Buy section below.

Two piece coated cast iron cooking grates and a plated warming rack are standard. It has a side shelf and enclosed cart storage. Mojak also offers three other small, medium and large models that are the traditional round BBQ barrel designs. One year limited warranty.

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Product Information:

  • Model:
    Pimaster Q3
  • Item Price:
    $ 599.00
    *Price Subject To Change
  • Made in USA:
  • Review Method:
    Looked Closely At It
    We have seen this product up close and we have also gathered info from the manufacturer, owners, and other reliable sources.
  • Primary Function:
  • Fuel:
    Wood Pellets
  • Main Burners:
  • Primary Capacity:
    430 square inches
    Mid-Size (about 21 burgers)
  • Secondary Capacity:
    180 square inches

Published On: 5/15/2014 Last Modified: 10/20/2021

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