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Easter Recipes To Celebrate the Rebirth of Spring (19 Recipes, 1 Page)


Dave Joachim, Contributing Author

Spring is the time to get outside and get grilling. No matter what is on your Easter menu this holiday, you'll find something to celebrate in the Easter recipes here. It's a moveable feast of classic Spring foods like grilled lamb, smoked ham, grilled asparagus, carrots, potatoes and pickled Easter eggs. Enjoy!

Kick It Up on St. Patrick’s Day By Hitting The Backyard (8 Recipes, 1 Article)


Dave Joachim, Contributing Author

Step up your food game this St. Patrick's Day with homemade corned beef. On a traditional plate with cabbage, homemade puts the store-bought stuff to shame. It's not hard to make, and you can enjoy it in our recipes for corned beef hash and rockin' reuben sandwiches. See all our best St. Patrick's Day recipes.

Firing Up A Flavorful Grilled Mardi Gras Feast (13 Recipes, 2 Articles)


Dave Joachim, Contributing Author

Mardi Gras in New Orleans is a wild party! Celebrate this holiday with the iconic King Cake and other Cajun and Creole foods from jambalaya and gumbo to muffuletta, andouille po' boys, grilled oysters, red beans and rice, pralines, hurricanes, and Sazerac cocktails. Here are some our favorite NOLA-inspired recipes.

Cook Up Some Love this Valentine’s Day (7 Recipes, 1 Article)


Dave Joachim, Contributing Author

Wondering what to cook on Valentine's Day? Answer: whatever your loved one wants most! On this romantic holiday, why not kick things up by hitting the smoker or grill for our favorite outdoor Valentine's Day recipes!

Host An Epic Super Bowl Bash With Our BBQ And Grilling Recipes (59 Recipes, 2 Articles)


Clint Cantwell, President And BBQ Personality

Hosting a Super Bowl bash? Here are the best BBQ and grilling recipes for wowing your crowd during the big game.

Ring In The New Year With Delicious BBQ And Grilling Recipes (37 Recipes, 7 Articles)

It's party time! Whether you celebrate New Year's Eve with endless appetizers and cocktails or an extravagant sit down dinner, we've got recipes to fit the bill. Graze on snacks like Frico Cheese Crisps and Grilled Oysters. Or enjoy a meal of Surf and Turf with Chocolate Truffles for dessert. Happy New Year!

Great Outdoor Recipes For Christmas, Hanukkah And New Years (19 Recipes, 2 Articles)


Dave Joachim, Contributing Author

Celebrate the holidays with our best recipes. Feast on latkes for Hanukkah and prime rib, crown roast of pork, double smoked ham, or roast goose for Christmas dinner. Plus pecan tassies and Dutch oven apple cranberry crisp for dessert. We even show you how to roast chestnuts on an open fire!

The Premier Guide To Thanksgiving Dinner Done On The Grill (18 Recipes, 1 Page, 3 Articles)

Here's everything you need to get ready for and to enjoy Thanksgiving, including smoked and grilled turkey recipes, carving tips, planning hints, and recipes for sides and desserts. Celebrate the harvest!

Our Best Juneteenth Barbecue Recipes (8 Recipes)

June 19, or Juneteenth, celebrates African-American emancipation, and barbecue is central to the festivities. It began in Texas, so why not celebrate with our favorite Texas BBQ, including brisket, ribs, sausage, Cowboy Candy (candied jalapenos), cole slaw, pinto beans, potato salad, and mac and cheese.

The Only National BBQ Ribs Day Recipes You’ll Ever Need (14 Recipes, 4 Articles)


Dave Joachim, Contributing Author

Today is not only Independence Day: it's National BBQ Ribs Day! We've got everything you need to celebrate in style from our award-winning ribs recipe and an easy way to remove the tough membrane from a rack of ribs to an easy trick that shows you when your ribs are properly cooked. Happy Ribs Day, America!

Shio Koji Butter Recipe

Easy to make, this recipe for umami-rich shio koji butter is sure to become a favorite alternate to regular butter in countless dishes.

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