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Channel Your BBQ Superpowers With Thor’s Hammer Tacos


Sterling Ball, BBQ And Grilling Content Contributor

Step up your taco game with the addition of the aptly named “Thor’s Hammer.” These monster beef shanks are seasoned, smoked, and shredded then served alongside various taco fixings.

Why We Eat Black Eyed Peas For New Years: Hoppin’ John Recipe


Meathead, Founder And BBQ Hall of Famer

Celebrate a Happy New Year and give yourself some good luck with the ultimate black eyed pea recipe, flavor packed Hoppin’ John beans and rice. Black-eyed peas’ most popular expression is Hoppin’ John, a steaming bowl of beans, rice, and pork that is especially popular in coastal South Carolina and Georgia.

Big Poppa’s Crazy Carnitas Taquitos


Sterling Ball, BBQ And Grilling Content Contributor

Make mouthwatering taquitos at home with this recipe from Sterling “Big Poppa” Ball that utilizes leftovers from his authentic copper pot carnitas recipe!

Big Poppa’s Fall-Apart-Tender Copper Pot Carnitas


Sterling Ball, BBQ And Grilling Content Contributor

Pork shoulder is slowly simmered in a copper pot to create deliciously addictive, authentic carnitas! Sterling “Big Poppa” Ball shows you how in this recipe!

Take Comfort In Big Poppa’s Peanut Butter And Jelly Ribs


Sterling Ball, BBQ And Grilling Content Contributor

Take a walk on the wild side with this delicious smoke ribs recipe that combines two childhood favorites –peanut butter and jelly!

Brown Butter Smoked Fish Recipe Featuring The Smoke Catcher

Finding the right balance of smoke when cooking fish on the grill can be a challenge but this technique, called “the smoke catcher,” makes it quick and simple for this brown butter smoked fish recipe.

Provençal Smoked Fish Paté Recipe

Provençal smoked fish paté? Think tuna salad from France on steroids. You can serve this recipe as a dip for chips, on a charcuterie platter, in a sandwich, and more.

Authentic Larb (Laab) Salad Recipe: A Laos Culinary Adventure


Dan Gertsacov, Editorial Contributor

Dan Gertsacov travels to Laos to learn to prepare this authentic larb salad (a.k.a. laab or laap) recipe for the community. While the original uses water buffalo, he uses ground beef here.

Shio Koji Butter Recipe

Easy to make, this recipe for umami-rich shio koji butter is sure to become a favorite alternate to regular butter in countless dishes.

All About Koji With A Shio Koji Marinade Recipe

This shio koji marinade recipe adds an umami bomb of flavor to chicken, pork, seafood, and more with just a few tablespoons.

How To Make Your Own Sriracha From Scratch


Meathead, Founder And BBQ Hall of Famer

Fire up breakfast, lunch, dinner, and everything in between with this recipe for making your own homemade version of Huy Fong brand Sriracha!

The Flat Top King Crushes It With Smashed Meatball Sliders


The Flat Top King, Griddle Content Contributor

The Flat Top King fires up the griddle for these delicious smashed meatball sliders featuring a delicious blend of meats, topped with cheese, marinara, and fresh basil on slider buns.

Enjoy A Taste Of Paris With This Twist On The Croque Madame


Chef Stef, Recipe Developer

If you are a fan of the classic French sandwich, croque madame, then you are going to love this unique griddled twist – the Dinde Madame Avec Pan De Miga — featuring turkey instead of ham and spinach in the béchamel.

Low Carb Sous-Vide-Que Deconstructed Club Sandwich


Chef Stef, Recipe Developer

If you are a fan of the club sandwich then you are certain to fall in love with this carb-free deconstructed version featuring sous vide and griddle-grilled stuffed chicken breasts.

Make Tacos Pop With Asian-Style Sous-Vide-Que Flank Steak


Chef Stef, Recipe Developer

Sous vide and live fire grilling come together in this delicious twist on tacos featuring Asian-inspired flank steak.

Published On: 9/9/2020 Last Modified: 12/23/2020


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