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Can't get to your charcoal grill because there's a foot of snow outside? Ran out of propane for the gas grill? Or, worse, does your apartment building disallow grills altogether? We feel your pain. Grilling is a primal human activity that many of us can't live without. Don't despair. The good news is that you can cook and enjoy most of your favorite grilled and smoked foods indoors, year round. 

Think about it. Do you have a fireplace? Stick a grill grate in it! Does your oven have a broiler? That works like an upside down grill. The heat of a broiler is still intense like grill heat - it just comes from above instead of below. Even on a cold February day you can serve up Better Than Steakhouse Steaks from the broiler. Or, let's say you're craving some smoky meaty goodness. Do you have wood chips or wood shavings? Then you're all set. Set up a stovetop smoker like the Nordic Ware or Cameron and cook up some smoky foods indoors. Or if you're looking for the easy way to a plate of BBQ ribs or pulled pork from your oven or crockpot, we have recipes for cooking those indoors too. There's just no reason to give up your favorite grilled and smoky flavors when you're housebound. Take the party inside! From the techniques to the equipment to the recipes, find everything you need below to enjoy grilled and barbecued food 365 days a year. To buy the best indoor grill you can, check out our searchable database here.

Turkey Dinner For Thanksgiving
Better your bird! Here's everything you need to know about making the ultimate turkey, smoked, grilled, or barbecued. We cover shopping, thawing, prep, injecting, cooking, gravy, and carving. And we bust the myths about brining and resting, and explain how to spatchcock (butterfly). Plus a recipe for stuffing muffins! read more
infrared burner grilling pork
Learn about thermodynamics: the basis of all cooking! Find out how heat transference works by conduction, convection, radiation, induction, and infrared heat in your grill, bbq, and smoker. read more
chinatown ribs
Everybody loves Chinese restaurant "BBQ" ribs. They have a distinct pork flavor, a glossy sheen that implies the sweet glaze beneath, and a glowing red-pink color that penetrates the surface. Here's a simple recipe for making Chinatown char siu ribs at home on your grill or in the oven featuring a flavorful marinade. read more
slow cooker
If weather or other impediments prevent you from making the real thing outdoors, you can make pretty tasty ribs in a crockpot with this recipe. The idea is to braise the meat until very moist and tender, cooking the meat in a closed pot over a low temp in a flavorful liquid that covers the meat only about halfway. read more
Slow cooker pulled pork
Just because you don't have time to fire up the smoker or grill doesn't mean that you can't enjoy full flavored BBQ pulled pork thanks to this simple set-and-forget slow cooker recipe. Cooked indoors over low heat for several hours, the seasoned pork butt emerges moist, flavorful, and fall apart tender. read more
boston bbq beans
Looking for the perfect side dish for your next cookout? Nothing screams BBQ more than a sticky and smoky bowl of Boston baked beans. It was in Beantown that the notion of mixing dried beans with molasses was conceived. This flavorful recipe is an ode to the original while offering suggestions for amping them up. read more
Paella pan on the grill
Paella, the national dish of Spain, is a fabulous dish for preparing on the grill. A fabulously flavored rice dish, paella has many variations including this chicken and sausage paella recipe. Presented with fanfare and flourish with a pinwheel of colors and shapes, paella is a sure fire showstopper for your cookouts. read more
char dog
Many ways to skin a cat and many more ways to cook a dog. Here's how to grill, griddle, split griddle, dirty water, steam, nuke, and deep fry franks. read more
diner cheeseburger
Create the skinny, crispy edged burgers that you love at diners with this simple recipe for the Wimpy burger. Infinitely better than any mass produced quarter pounder, these homemade diner-style burgers are small disks, 4 ounces or less, pressed flat and cooked on a griddle to maximize the flavor and crispness. read more
Black metal frame inside a fireplace with burning wood. The frame holds a cooking grate loaded with food over the hot fire.
Rome Industries' Adjustable Cooking Grate is designed to fit in a standard fireplace or a fire pit at a campsite. We give this model our Best Value Bronze Medal. read more
Wood logs burning in a fireplace. A cooking grate loaded with food hovers over the flames. A crank wheel id in the upper right corner of the fireplace.
Turns your existing wood fireplace into a grill. An up and down shaft bolts to your fireplace wall then raises and lowers the grate with a crank wheel. Grillworks Fireplacer is beautiful and high quality, but pricey for a fireplace insert. You get what you pay for and this one gets our Gold Medal. read more
Small shallow orange box with a criss-crossed metal grate on top.
Livart's LV-982 is an indoor electric grill popular for Yakitori style grilling. Japanese Yakitori is bite sized pieces of chicken and veggies on skewers, however, the 982 is not limited to Yakitori and is often used to grill a variety of bite sized foods. We award it our Silver Medal. read more
Red metal object on an indoor gas kitchen range looks like an oversize tea kettle.
Nordic Ware's Stovetop Kettle Smoker looks like it may be one of the better indoor smokers available, earning our Gold Medal. Most indoor smokers have no lid or a shallow low profile lid. The 36550 has a high domed lid big enough for smoking/roasting a whole chicken. read more
Shiny metal tray with a slide off lid partial open. Colorful packages are in the background.
We tested this indoor smoker and gave it our Bronze Medal. Put two spoonfuls of hickory sawdust in Camerons' stainless steel pan and put the meat on the rack. Slide the lid on, turn your exhaust fan on high, turn the burner on high, and in about 30 minutes you have smoked, moist meat. read more
Black kettle grill mounted on a pedestal with lid off and hanging on the side. The grill surface is loaded with food.
The George Foreman 15 Serving Indoor/Outdoor Grill is an attractive electric cooker that can be used as a tabletop grill, or freestanding grill. read more


fireplace grill insert

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