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The Best New BBQ And Grilling Products Of 2022

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Just in time for the holiday gift-giving season, the team has scoured this year’s various hands-on product reviews to create a “best of the best” list for 2022.

Because we never do sponsored posts and do not accept payment from brands in exchange for positive reviews, you can rest assured that the products below were selected solely based on their merits.

In fact, our Keeper of the Flame, Max Good, is the only person in the world whose full-time job is testing, researching, reviewing, and rating grills and smokers. Good measures temperatures, slams lids, turns dials, studies warranties, kicks casters, cooks a lot of food, and considers look, feel, functionality, durability, and price. Good maintains the world’s largest searchable database of 600 outdoor cooker ratings and reviews and this year’s Best New Products were selected from it.

Similarly, Bill McGrath, an electrical engineer, uses sophisticated lab equipment to test and rate dozens of thermometers every year. McGrath’s Best New Products were chosen from more than 200 handheld, wired, and wireless remote thermometers that were lab-tested and reviewed, all of which can be searched here. Also, click here to learn more about how we conduct our unbiased reviews.

Now on to our curated list of the best new BBQ and grilling products of 2022!

Slow ‘N Sear Travel Kettle Grill Reviewed And Rated


Max Good,’s Full-Time Grill Tester

Slow 'N Sear, continues to expand their catalog with a portable 18" charcoal grill called the Travel Kettle. Whether stationed on a small patio, cruising in your RV, or on the go to a weekend cabin rental, this platinum medal grill deserves consideration.

Ooni Karu 16 Multi-Fuel Pizza Oven Rated And Reviewed


Meathead, Founder And BBQ Hall of Famer

Interested in making restaurant-quality pizzas at home? Ooni's Karu 16 burns charcoal or wood and they offer an optional gas burner which we highly recommend. Although we have a few criticisms, Karu 16 still gets our thumbs up!

Hasty Bake Legacy 131 Reviewed And Rated


Max Good,’s Full-Time Grill Tester

We love Hasty Bake! The clever and unique design features enable you to easily grill, smoke or roast whatever you like. We have never tested and reviewed finer charcoal grills than Hasty Bake, and the Legacy is their most popular model. We award the Hasty Bake Legacy 131 our top Platinum Medal.

Weber Genesis EPX-335 Smart Gas Grill Reviewed And Rated


Max Good,’s Full-Time Grill Tester

Weber's popular Genesis Gas Grills are a perfect option for those who have grown tired of constantly replacing cheap entry-level gassers and want better quality, performance, and durability. Weber's 2022 models are, in many ways, the best Genesis lineup yet.

Magma Party Size Marine Kettle Gas Grill Reviewed And Rated


Big Jim Maivald, Former CTO

Magma created a stainless steel grill that could survive the harsh saltwater climate found along shores and harbors. Although you won’t be using their products for any BBQ competitions or smoking, they are perfect for harbor cookouts and can even produce a decent char when desired.

Weber 70th Anniversary Edition Kettle Charcoal Grill 22″ Review


Max Good,’s Full-Time Grill Tester

In celebration of the 70th anniversary of Weber's iconic kettle grill, the manufacturer has introduced a limited edition version of their 22" charcoal grill! Learn more about what makes it so unique by reading our full platinum medal review of the anniversary kettle grill.

Pit Barrel Cooker PBX 22.5-inch Reviewed And Rated


John “Spinaker” Bowlsby

Pit Barrel Cookers' original 18.5" upright barrel smoker is a perennial favorite among our readers. In 2017, they introduced a smaller, 14" model called Pit Barrel Junior. Now they go big with the 55-gallon 22.5" PBX for larger cooks. This affordable barrel smoker excels in capacity, flavor, and ease of use.

Green Mountain Grills TREK Prime Review


Bill McGrath, Chief Thermometer Reviewer

The Green Mountain Grills TREK Prime is a portable pellet cooker that is small and light enough to use for tailgating but large and sturdy enough for the back patio, too. Well-constructed and with excellent documentation, it is a great choice for condos or camp sites and earns our Best Value Platinum Medal.

Masterbuilt 40-inch Digital Charcoal Smoker Review


Huskee,’s Pitmaster Club Head Moderator

Masterbuilt’s 40-inch Digital Charcoal Smoker marries technology, convenience, and affordability without sacrificing authentic charcoal and wood flavor. With a high-capacity vertical orientation, superior temperature control, and hands-off ease of use, it offers a lot of conveniences and genuine smoke flavor for your dollar. 

Flame King Cylinder Refill Kit Saves Money And The Environment


Big Jim Maivald, Former CTO

The Flame King refill kit offers an easy and affordable means to refill 1 lb. propane cylinders to save money and the environment.

EndGrain: The Cadillac Of Cutting Boards


Clint Cantwell, President And BBQ Personality

Selecting the right cutting board isn't always a simple task but the team at EndGrain make it easier with this rated and reviewed collection of premium wood boards.

FireBoard Spark Instant Read Thermometer Reviewed And Rated


Bill McGrath, Chief Thermometer Reviewer

The FireBoard Spark is an innovative product that extends the feature list of capabilities to a new level, earning it a Platinum Medal for product excellence in both workmanship and performance.

ThermoPro TP-930 Wireless Meat Thermometer Reviewed And Rated


Bill McGrath, Chief Thermometer Reviewer

The ThermoPro TP-930 is a four-channel wireless thermometer that communicates with Android and Apple phones. It earns a Gold Medal.

ThermoPro TempSpike Wireless Thermometer Review And Rating


Bill McGrath, Chief Thermometer Reviewer

Read our complete review of the ThermoPro TempSpike wireless thermometer that received a Gold Medal for good performance and ease of use.

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