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Here are our favorite cooking thermometers, both instant-read and leave-in varieties. Our experts have tested over one hundred fifty units, and rated them in our searchable database. Use the search features on this page to narrow your search to the type of thermometer you want. Below you'll find what we consider the best of the best, our Platinum Medal winners. We give Bronze, Silver, and Gold Medals to thermometers based on criteria ranging from ease of use and durability to performance and price. Once a year we review the Gold Medal winners and select the absolute cream of the crop. These products receive our highest accolade, a Platinum Medal (***** 5 Stars). These outstanding Platinum Medal winners are the best in class and will provide excellent performance in each category.
The following thermometers have been selected as the cream of the crop from over 150 products tested. Check out the individual reviews, and click on the Where to Buy link to pick one up. 
OXO Chef's Precision Thermocouple Thermometer
The OXO Chef's Precision Thermocouple Thermometer is a high-end instant read thermometer that is waterproof to IP66 standards (excellent protection) and incorporates some features that make it attractive for left-handed users. Its unique features and solid construction rate our top award. read more
ThermoWorks Thermapen IR
The ThermoWorks Thermapen IR has both an instant-read temperature probe and an infrared sensor in one package. It features a rotating display to enable easy reading in any orientation. It is well constructed, as is usual for ThermoWorks products and exhibits excellent performance. A solid top rating! read more
ThermoWorks Thermapen Mk 4
The ThemoWorks Thermapen Mk 4 is the latest version of a product that has long been considered the gold standard thermometer. The Mk 4 has the original Thermapen's shape and basic operation, but includes features that are common on high-end instruments: automatic backlight and rotating display. It gets our top rating. read more
ThermoWorks ThermoPop (TX-3100-XX) Review
The ThermoPop is an inexpensive, high-performance, rapid-read handheld thermometer for food usage. It has a rotating display that makes it easy to read from any angle. It gives precise readings in under four seconds. We tested it thoroughly and gave it a top rating for its performance and build quality. read more
FireBoard FBX11 Review
FireBoard has set a new standard in food thermometry. It is a remote read, cloud connected, data logger, with connections for up to six probes. It can communicate with a smart phone via Bluetooth and Wi-Fi to monitor the temps of both cooker and food. It received our top rating for its full feature set and performance. read more
Maverick ET-733 Redi-Check
See the complete review of the ET-733 Redi-Check, a dual-probe transmitter/receiver designed for food and oven monitoring from a remote location. We gave it a Gold Medal for great performance and a full feature set. read more
ThermoWorks ChefAlarm (TX-1100-XX)
The Thermoworks Chef Alarm is a leave-in-food or leave-in-oven thermometer. The display unit remains outside the cooker and displays the probe temperature, min and max temperatures, upper and lower alarm settings and has a count-down timer function. It gets a top rating for its construction, features and performance. read more
Maverick XR-50 Remote Four-Probe Thermometer Review
The Maverick XR-50 is an extended-range, four-channel wireless remote food and cooker thermometer. It ships with two straight 6" probes and two straight 3" probes. It is well constructed with a robust case and heavy-duty probes, so it should stand up well. Wins a solid top rating for performance and construction. read more
ThermoWorks Smoke
The ThermoWorks "Smoke," is a two-channel, in-food/in-oven, wireless remote thermometer that is well made, easy to use, and performs very well. It has a transmitter attached to two probes and a remote receiver that you can put in your pocket. It can be operated over the Internet using the Gateway. A solid top rating! read more
ThermoWorks DOT TX-1200
The ThermoWorks DOT TX-1200 is intended for use in food while cooking. It has a large readout, an easily-set alarm temperature and a long probe cable. It has a rapid response time that would allow it to double as an instant-read thermometer if desired. We gave it a top rating for its build quality and performance. read more
ThermoPro TP-15 Instant Read
The ThermoPro TP-15 is an excellent handheld instant read thermometer with a remarkably low price (under $20), a great warranty, and accurate readings within 4 seconds. It has features that many more expensive units lack. Highly recommended with a Platinum Medal. read more
FireBoard Drive Cable
The FireBoard Drive is an accessory for the FireBoard remote digital food thermometer that maintains temperature in charcoal and wood-fired cookers, and had received a top award for its performance and features. read more
Auber SYL-2615 Thermostatic Controller Review
Auber Instrument's latest entry into the barbecue temperature controller market is the SYL-2615. It adds to the features of its earlier model with a food probe and programmable steps. It communicates with the user either via its panel display and buttons or an app that runs on smart phones. It gets our top rating. read more
BBQ Guru CyberQ Cloud Review
The CyberQ Cloud is BBQ Guru's new entry into the remote thermostatic controller market intended for use on charcoal grills or smokers. It adds a cloud connection that allows monitoring and setting most control functions from anywhere an Internet connection is available, using a browser or app. It gets our top rating. read more
CDN Refrigerator and Freezer Thermometer Review
Read our quick review of the CDN Refrigerator and Freezer Thermometer that received a Gold Medal. Food safety is important, and spoilage and illness are a real risk if your refrigerator and freezer don't maintain safe temperatures. read more

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