History And Culture

Barbecue has been used as a tool in American political campaigns for more than a century, and will no doubt be employed extensively this summer,... read more
inside lems aquarium smoker
The capital of the Midwest is no Porky Come Lately. It has a long history that puts it among the upper echelon of 'cue capitals. Jim Shahin, the... read more
David Letterman is a very funny man. He hosted the late night talk show Late Night With David Letterman" on NBC for 33 years through May 20, 2015,... read more
A Hot Dog Road Trip
The story of our national food, the American Hot Dog, is the story of The American Dream. It starts at Ellis Island with waves of immigrants in the... read more
Covered Barbecue
Contrary to mythology, barbecue was not an American invention. Barbecue is older than homo sapiens and anthropologists even think that it was mastery... read more
Homer Simpson barbecue
Barbecue is probably the world's oldest cooking method and that is the only thing about it that is beyond dispute (see my companion article on The... read more
Everyone has a theory of where barbecue originated. Well here's an explanation that I find irresistible. It was written by Charles Lamb (1775-1834),... read more
The idea of putting sauces on food goes back pretty far. In the days before refrigeration and written history, somebody discovered that smoking meat... read more
According to the Chicago Tribune, there are more than 1,800 hot dog stands in Chicago, far more than the sum of McDonald's, Burger King, and Wendy's... read more
The History Of The Hamburger
The hamburger was not an American invention. Nor German. Ground meat has been around forever and the cornerstone of sausage production for centuries... read more


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