Dear Brian Palmer: You missed the mark by a pretty wide margin in your article in Slate on 1/22/2014 titled "Cooking Up Cancer? It wouldn't be crazy... read more
Josh Ozersky
Josh Ozersky died suddenly at age 47 Monday morning May 4, 2015 after attending events and parties surrounding the James Beard Foundation Awards in... read more
barbecued turkey on flag
This ran in the Chicago Tribune on the op-ed page as a guest commentary on 11/27/2013, the day before Thanksgiving. Why are we whining about a "War... read more
The thing that always impressed me about Robert Mondavi was that you could talk to him about anything: Art, music, politics. So many winemakers know... read more
Once again I have been overlooked by the membership committee of the College Football Hall of Fame (read the case for my installation below), and,... read more
When Noelle Overly emailed and invited me to ride "shotbun" in the Oscar Mayer Wienermobile in Chicago's St. Patrick's Day Parade I was sure it was a... read more
Stripsteak medium rare
On 5/24/2011 the US Department of Agriculture (USDA), with much fanfare, finally changed its cooking temp recommendations which were waaaay out of... read more
Shish kabab on the grill
What we cook is changing as we learn more about food and as cooking techniques are modernized. Here are some trends I see developing. Thanks to the... read more
Chef Homaro Cantu died on April 14, 2015 at age 38, apparently a suicide, an act that caught everyone who knew him by surprise, especially since he... read more
This essay ran on the Chicago Tribune op-ed page on 2008-07-07. Bogus "news" has forced Barack Obama to build a website to refute smears, but he is... read more


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