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Hot Dog Recipes (8 Recipes, 4 Articles)

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Hot Doggerel

Why are hot dogs so popular? They are fast, kid-friendly, they have saved many harried parents with no time to cook, and they just plain taste good. They also connect us with our childhood, our parents, and our hometown. They are also a cultural leveler because you can find anyone in line at a hot dog stand, from wealthy captains of industry to powerful politicians to movie stars to laborers and the homeless.

Fast facts

Hawt dawgs! Getchure red hawts! Here!

Every dog has its day, and for hot dogs that day is July 4.

Approximately 150 million hot dogs are consumed on Independence Day, enough to stretch from DC to LA more than five times, according to the National Hot Dog & Sausage Council.

Americans eat about two billion pounds of hot dogs every year. Laid end to end that’s enough to encircle the world more than 25 times. That’s 6.5 pounds per man, woman, and child.

It is said that Babe Ruth once inhaled 24 hot dogs between games of a double header and was rushed to the hospital with a serious case of indigestion. Rumors circulated that he was dead.

In 1995, three Seattle Seahawk football players, including quarterback Rick Meier, were fined $1,000 per man for snarfing hot dogs on the sidelines of a game. Their excuse: The aroma wafting from the stands was irresistible.

The average hot dog is consumed in six bites.

Size matters

For some strange reason, the standard hot dog is 4 3/4″ long and the bun is 6″ long. That leaves 5/8″ of meatless bun. So what’s up with that?

The solution: Most manufacturers make bun-length dogs. That’s the good news. The bad news is that for some reason most stores do not carry bun-length dogs for all their brands. Grrrrrr.

Then there’s the issue of “jumbo” hot dogs that can be 3/4″ thick, or more. That’s nice if all you’re gonna put on it is mustard, but if you’re draggin’ it through the garden or loading it with chili, some of it will end up on your shirt and shoes.

Most hot dogs came in eight-packs and buns came in six- or 12-packs. This just doesn’t cut the mustard, so in May 2005, S. Rosen, maker of the most popular poppy seed bun in Chicago, and Vienna Beef, maker of the most popular beef frank in Chicago, signed a “piece” treaty that should be ranked with the diplomatic milestones of history: Each agreed to standardize their packaging with an 8 count to make sure no buns are left behind.

Oh yeah, and a “foot long” hot dog is just a little longer than 10″.

How big is the world’s largest hot dog? According to Guinness Book of Records it is an unbroken tube 16 feet one inch long and was built July 2, 2003 by Vienna Beef, Rosen Buns, and America’s Dog at Taste of Chicago. It contained 1 pound of onions, 1 pound of bright green relish, 42 sport peppers, 1 quart of mustard, 36 tomato slices, 36 kosher pickle spears, a whole lot of celery salt, and took seven people to assemble.

Chicago hot dog

The Great, Incomparable, Classic Chicago Hot Dog Recipe


Meathead, Founder And BBQ Hall of Famer

In Chicago, where hot dog stands far out number hamburger joints, there is one perfect classic recipe, and very little variation from it.
Sabretts onion sauce

New York Hot Dog With Classic Onion Sauce, A Bite Of The Big Apple


Meathead, Founder And BBQ Hall of Famer

As anyone who has had a classic New York hot dog then you know that there are few things better than the simple combination of mustard, sauerkraut, and Sabrett's onion sauce. Here's the recipe you need to make your own onion sauce for a bite of the Big Apple.
Walt's coney dog in detroit

Coney Dogs, The Pride Of Detroit


Meathead, Founder And BBQ Hall of Famer

In Detroit hot dogs are Coneys and hot dog stands are Coney Islands and we've got the recipe for creating them yourself at home. Move beyond boring hot dogs at your next cookout with these flavor packed variation featuring a chili sauce made with beef hearts. And they're very good!
Cincinnati chili cheese hot dog plated

The Cincinnati Cheese Coney Is Pure Hot Dog Bliss


Meathead, Founder And BBQ Hall of Famer

If you're already a fan of Cincinnati Cheese Coneys or are just looking to step up your hot dog game then you're sure to love this tested grilling recipe. This delicious version comes complete with our version starts with a grilled hot dog, homemade chili, mustard, chopped onions, and tons of shredded cheese.
West Virginia slaw dog

Slaw Dogs, A West Virginia Original


Meathead, Founder And BBQ Hall of Famer

If you've ever enjoyed the full flavor of a West Virginia slawdog then you'll enjoy making your own at home with this tested recipe. Coleslaw and a meat sauce are standard on a hot dog in West Virginia, coming together in one flavorful bite after another. Our recipe includes homemade slaw, bean free chili, and mustard.

My Most Memorable Hot Dog: The French Chien Blanc


Meathead, Founder And BBQ Hall of Famer

Hot dogs are a staple at many backyard cookouts but all too often they can be rather bland and boring. Learn how the French make hot dogs, saucisse, chien blanc, with Dijon mustard, in a warm crusty baguette. Once you try this French twist you will never look at tradition American hot dogs the same way.
Man holding a hot dog

The Hot Dog Recipe Of My Dreams


Meathead, Founder And BBQ Hall of Famer

This is the ultimate hot dog, made with a special mustard sauce, fresh onions, caramelized onions, and Japanese pickled ginger. You're sure to get rave reviews from guests!
Bacon wrapped hot dogs on a platter

Cheese Stuffed Bacon Wrapped Hot Dogs Will Be Your New Best Friend


Clint Cantwell, President And BBQ Personality

Stuffed with cheese then wrapped in bacon, this grilled hot dog recipe is a sure fire hit at any backyard bash. Inspired by Chicago's famed francheesie, our recipe skips the traditional deep frying in favor of the grill for a crisp bacon shell and deep smoky flavor.
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Cocktail wienies with toothpicks

Sandra’s Four Ingredient Candied Cocktail Wienies Recipe


Meathead, Founder And BBQ Hall of Famer

Cocktail Wienies are great fun for parties. Here's a classic Southern recipe that's quick and easy. Taught to Sandra Aylor by her mother, this recipe has been made by family members at countless parties or pot lucks. Serve them in the slow cooker so they stay warm and guests eat them with a toothpick.
grilled hot dog

Hot Dog Heaven: How to Cook Frankfurters


Meathead, Founder And BBQ Hall of Famer

Many ways to skin a cat and many more ways to cook a dog. Here's how to grill, griddle, split griddle, dirty water, steam, nuke, and deep fry franks.
nathans hot dog eaters

Warm Your Buns: The Art Of Preparing Hot Dog Buns


Meathead, Founder And BBQ Hall of Famer

Whether it's from Coney Island, Chicago, Detroit, or elsewhere, the very best hot dog recipe is nothing without a perfectly prepared hot dog bun. Our how-to shows you how to step up your hot dog buns, whether it is steaming, grilling, toasting, or microwaving them.
woman eating hot dog in a recliner chair

Chasing the Dogs: What to Drink with a Hot Dog


Meathead, Founder And BBQ Hall of Famer

Some drinks are perfect for hot dogs. Here are suggestions for beers, wines, and soft drinks.

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