Celebrate National Hot Dog Month with the Best Wurst On the Planet

"Suckin' on a chilli dog outside the Tastee Freez, Diane sitting on Jacky's lap, Got his hands between her knees"John Mellencamp, Jack and Diane

The hot dog is an iconic American food. From dirty water dogs in New York City to Chicago dogs piled with pickles and peppers, hot dogs are beloved every which way in every region of the country...with cheese, chili, onions, you name it. Hot dogs and hamburgers form the backbone of most American barbecue cookouts, and we eat more hot dogs during the summer months than any other time of year. It makes sense that July was designated National Hot Dog Month by the National Hot Dog and Sausage Council. What other month would you propose? October? So grab a pack of dogs and buns, and cook up a hot dog already! We have recipes for Coney Island dogs, Chicago dogs, and New York dogs with classic onion sauce. While you're munching, check out the links below for some interesting hot dog history, our taste test of all-beef franks, and the truth about what really goes into a hot dog. We even have tips on what to drink with a hot dog -- yes, beer is on the list, but read on to find out what kind is best! Happy Hot Dog Month, America!
Bacon Dog Sandwich with Jalapeno Jelly and Slaw
Here's the craziest "hot dog" ever, made of pure bacon spiced with jalapeño jelly and topped with crisp, sweet and sour slaw. This mouthful of joy could only come from the creative mind of the world's best traveled chef, Andrew Zimmern. It's perfect any time you want to wow the crowd at your BBQ and grilling cookout. read more
Chicago Hot Dog
In Chicago, where hot dog stands far out number hamburger joints, there is one perfect classic recipe, and very little variation from it. read more
sabretts onion sauce
As anyone who has had a classic New York hot dog then you know that there are few things better than the simple combination of mustard, sauerkraut, and Sabrett's onion sauce. Here's the recipe you need to make your own onion sauce for a bite of the Big Apple. read more
Walt's coney's dogs
In Detroit hot dogs are Coneys and hot dog stands are Coney Islands and we've got the recipe for creating them yourself at home. Move beyond boring hot dogs at your next cookout with these flavor packed variation featuring a chili sauce made with beef hearts. And they're very good! read more
hot dog in a bun
The word sausage covers a wide range of foods, typically they are ground meats with spices and seasonings, often stuffed into a casing and shaped like a cylinder. Make the sausage and shape it any way you like, with or without the casings! No matter what shape it takes, the taste will be amazing! read more
Cincinnati Cheese Coney
If you're already a fan of Cincinnati Cheese Coneys or are just looking to step up your hot dog game then you're sure to love this tested grilling recipe. This delicious version comes complete with our version starts with a grilled hot dog, homemade chili, mustard, chopped onions, and tons of shredded cheese. read more
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west virginia slawdog
If you've ever enjoyed the full flavor of a West Virginia slawdog then you'll enjoy making your own at home with this tested recipe. Coleslaw and a meat sauce are standard on a hot dog in West Virginia, coming together in one flavorful bite after another. Our recipe includes homemade slaw, bean free chili, and mustard. read more
clos vougeot
Hot dogs are a staple at many backyard cookouts but all too often they can be rather bland and boring. Learn how the French make hot dogs, saucisse, chien blanc, with Dijon mustard, in a warm crusty baguette. Once you try this French twist you will never look at tradition American hot dogs the same way. read more
my dream hot dog by doug sohn
This is the ultimate hot dog, made with a special mustard sauce, fresh onions, caramelized onions, and Japanese pickled ginger. With all the variations of hot dog available it can be hard to choose so we created a guide for making the best hot dog you have ever tasted. You're sure to get rave reviews from guests! read more
char dog
Many ways to skin a cat and many more ways to cook a dog. Here's how to grill, griddle, split griddle, dirty water, steam, nuke, and deep fry franks. read more
Nathans hot dogs
Whether it's from Coney Island, Chicago, Detroit, or elsewhere, the very best hot dog recipe is nothing without a perfectly prepared hot dog bun. Our how-to shows you how to step up your hot dog buns, whether it is steaming, grilling, toasting, or microwaving them. read more
Some drinks are perfect for hot dogs. Here are suggestions for beers, wines, and soft drinks. read more
origin of hot dogs?
Who invented hot dogs? The bun? When were they first sold? And who named them hot dogs. We answer your questions and dispel the myths. read more
hot dog
Hot dogs are not as scary as you think. Here's a frank discussion of what is in a hot dog, as well as calories, fat, etc. read more
A Hot Dog Road Trip
Where did the hot dog get its start? Back in Europe if we're being honest. But as sausages came to America, these singular tubes of meat evolved into several regional specialties such as the Coney Island Hot Dog, the New York Streetcart Dog, and the Chicago Hot Dog. Here is the unvarnished history of them all. read more


hot dog in bun

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