Other Fun Food Recipes

Muffings: stuffing muffins
Here's a very traditional stuffing recipe perfect for turkey or for stuffing a pork loin roast (above). It was inspired by a recipe from my former... read more
Thanksgiving Dinner
This warm, rich variation on traditional cranberry sauce is both sweet and savory, always a great combination, and very different from the... read more
White Castle
You've heard of it whispered in back alleys and dark corners of bars. It works. The mythical White Castle Stuffing. Makes. About 8 servings Takes.... read more
Apple Slices
Here's a great alternative to applesauce. It looks different from any other apple sauce you've ever tasted, and, my oh my, it tastes different, too.... read more
Macaroni and Cheese
No self-respecting barbecue joint can call itself "authentic" without Mac 'n' Cheese because it is the perfect wingman for barbecue, especially for... read more
grilled corn
The best way to cook corn is on the grill, and I have a few tricks that you can use to make the Ultimate Corn on the Cob. This corn is so good, it... read more
cheese cheesy grits
In the South, where corn is king, grits are it. A gluten free grainy corn porridge they are served with breakfast, lunch, and supper. And they make... read more
Paella pan on the grill
Forget what you think you know about paella. Paella, pronounced pah-YAY-ya, is the national dish of Spain, is not always seafood, and it is not too... read more
Pico de Gallo
An important building block in Mexican food is salsa roja, which is commonly called tomato salsa in the US. There are a gazillion ways to make it,... read more
Giant Ketchup Bottle
What would we do without ketchup? We put it on burgers, we plunge French fries into it, and we make barbecue sauces from it. And really, when you... read more


cheesy mac and cheese

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