Turkey Recipes

Turkey may be the most difficult of all meats because if you over cook it even slightly you have cardboard. But getting it right isn't hard.

Kole Shannon's Turkey
This is no ordinary turkey preparation, pilgrims. Digest these logical concepts and you will never again have a dry, stringy, cardboardy, boring bird... read more
carved turkey
The first thing to do is look at the bird and remember who is winning this contest and remind yourself that you are smarter than a dead bird. It is... read more
sous vide que BBQ turkey breasts
This recipe will make the best turkey you have ever tasted, guaranteed. It will feature superbly tender and and juicy meat from the extremely low and... read more
pot pie
There's always leftover turkey. Even when I make smoked turkey I make much more than I think is needed so I can make pot pies with the leftovers.... read more
In Italy they serve stuffed hogs called porchetta on special occasions. So don't ask me what possessed me, but one day I took the idea and... read more
Spatchcocked turkey
Here's how to set up a charcoal grill for a killer smoked turkey. Read more about Barbecue Turkey And Grilled Turkey: The Ultimate Turkey Recipe.... read more
turkey gas grill
Turkey is probably the most difficult meat to cook because you need to cook it to a higher temp than almost any other meat to make it safe, and if... read more
Bobby Flay cooking in a kitchen
When it comes to meats, turkey breast may just be the biggest pain there is. Undercook it and you can get a bad tummy ache or worse from salmonella.... read more
Bobby Flay cooking in a kitchen
The Tex-Mex fave, the fajita, is a rolled up sandwich with a tortilla instead of leavened bread, and it is usually made with grilled skirt steak.... read more
Smoked Turkey Leftover Supper Salad
Here's my favorite way to use leftover smoked turkey. I share it as a recipe, but you can riff on the ingredienst. Don't like blue cheese? Skip it.... read more


smoked turkey

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