Chicken Recipes

Flavorful, moist, buxom marinated chicken breasts. Unbelievably juicy and tasty turkey. Mouth-watering duck. These recipes will win you a prize at the local competition or amaze your tailgate crew at the big game. We have a recipe for everyone and from everywhere from tangy Buffalo wings to Asian inspired dishes that deftly balance sweet, salty, savory, and heat. Why? Because Americans buy more chicken than any other meat and chicken consumption per capita has increased steadily since the 1960s. It is estimated that we average 26 chickens per man, woman, and child per year.

"Chicken wings, the best bar snack forever and ever, amen."

Andrew Knowlton, the Foodist of Bon Appétit Magazine
sous vide que chickens
I am not a breast man. And by not being a breast man, I am, of course, referring to the original white meat – chicken. While I appreciate the cut for... read more
smoked chicken
Smoked chicken is like liver. You either love it or hate it. In the South, you can start a fight by voicing a preference for either smoked chicken or... read more
Ask competitors which category keeps them staring at the ceiling at night, and most will answer "chicken." The time it takes to prep, the ever... read more
chicken piccata
Pan sauces are wonderful and complex because the get flavor from the browned meat that sticks to the bottom of the pan. Learning to make pan sauces... read more
buffalo chicken wings
Some will say the quintessential American foods are hot dogs and hamburgers, but they have their roots in Europe. Buffalo Chicken Wings were born in... read more
huli-huli chicken
As popular as this is in Hawaii, it is surprising that the dish hasn't become more popular on the mainland. Let's change that! The story of Huli-Huli... read more
Beer Can Chicken
Yes, I know your Beer Can Chicken tastes wonderful. Yes, it is moist and flavorful. Yes, I know your neighbors and family think your Beer Can Chicken... read more
cooked Simon & Garfunkel chicken
Simon & Garfunkel Rub is a wonderful herb based rub that is great on chicken, turkey, and veggies. Click the link for the recipe. As with most... read more
big bob gibson chicken in white sauce
Big Bob Gibson Bar-B-Que, in upstate Decatur, Alabama, has been a popular local hangout since 1925. In the past decade the place has achieved... read more
cornell chicken on the grill
If you like grilled chicken with golden crispy skin, say "thank you, to Bob Baker." Baker was a professor of food science at Cornell University and I... read more


spatchcocked chicken

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