Other Fun Sauce Recipes

Believe it or not, there are sauces other than barbecue sauce!

I rarely use sauces on beef, lamb, or seafood. I usually like these meats all by themselves, nekkid, unadorned. But chimichurri sauce is such a... read more
board dressing
Adam Perry Lang is a classically trained chef, fluent in French food, a partner with Mario Batali and Joe Bastianich in Carnevino in Las Vegas, a... read more
A versatile sauce for lamburgers, hamburgers, grilled chicken, and turkey. Yes, I said hamburgers. You'd be surprised. Makes. A bit more than 1/4 cup... read more
Chicken in mumbo sauce
Washington, DC, is the nation's most international city populated by long term locals and many many imports. Much of the local population comes and... read more
red wine sauce
When you put a piece of meat dunked in this red wine sauce, your life will change. You will understand why the French are masters of cuisine. Similar... read more
Brigit Binns
In the US steak sauce is a moderately thick brown sauce sold in grocery stores. It is very salty, slightly sweet, and savory. The contents vary from... read more
Guy Fieri
Guy Fieri has his mojo working. Bigtime and off the hook. The culinary career of the quick witted badboy/rock star of the Food Network began as a 10-... read more
hot sauce
There are a gazillion hot pepper sauces on the market. The problem I have with most of them is that they all about the heat. Well I'm all about the... read more
As a remnant of its German heritage, South Carolina is known for its barbecue sauces made with mustard (see South Carolina Yellow Mustard Sauce),... read more
In August we are buried in tomatoes from our garden and we do everything except bathe in them. Even if you don't have a garden, fresh ripe tomatoes... read more


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