Snacks And Munchies Recipes

cowboy candy
There are two kinds of "Cowboy Candy" and this recipe is not for chaw. This is a sweet/sour pickled pepper that is great as a relish on hot dogs,... read more
maple taffy
When the first snow flies, we make maple taffy. Chewy and rich, the texture and flavor are a real treat. Kids love making it almost as much as eating... read more
chicken cracklins
Who doesn't love crispy chicken skins? But sometimes the chicken is best cooked without the skins. There are a lot fewer calories in skinless chicken... read more
No need to spend big bux for party snacks or handmade gifts. Smoke roasted nuts are easy to make and always a hit. Oh yeah, if you don't have a... read more
pickle slices checkers
This quick and simple recipe makes sweet and sour pickle slices for sandwiches perfect for mounding on hamburgers, deli meats, pulled pork sandwiches... read more
If you haven't tasted Boursin (R), you're missing something. Boursin is a spreadable cow's milk cream cheese that comes in five flavors. My fave is... read more
This recipe was designed for ramps, but it works on any kind of onion. According to historians, the river that ran by the native American village... read more
If you love the crispy bits of cheese that stick to the griddle when you make grilled cheese sandwiches even better than the sandwiches, frico will... read more
pickled red onions
This recipe is for when you need something to give a dish a jolt and have it ready in 15 minutes. This is a great topping for banh mi sandwiches and... read more
pickled eggs
I used to tend bar when I was in college in Gainesville, FL, on the edge of town, and many of my customers were farmers. For snacks with their drinks... read more


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