How To Buy The Best Instant Read Thermometers

An instant read thermometer is probably the most important tool in a cook's arsenal. It provides the most accurate and direct indication of food's readiness. Forget old chef's tales of visual inspection or prodding with a finger; there are too many variables in the visual and tactile qualities of a piece of meat to rely on sight or touch as the indicator of doneness. If you want to know the precise state of readiness, the best option is to impale your food with a fast and accurate temperature probe. So, what should you look for when buying one?

The speed at which a thermometer can display a stable temperature is paramount. When assessing the doneness of a piece of food, the cook will slowly insert the tip of the instrument into the meat and observe the temperature changes. As the probe penetrates, the temp will drop as the tip approaches the center of the meat, and will then rise as it nears the opposite side. The lowest temp shown is the figure of merit here - it represents the least cooked part of the food. If there is significant lag between the actual temperature and the displayed temperature, the reading won't be useful. Sure, you could take several minutes slowly inserting the probe, but who has time for that? You want a quick and accurate reading of the temperature at the probe tip right now. The best instant read thermometers will stabilize in a second or two, yielding a near-instantaneous value that precisely indicates doneness.

Temperature accuracy is important, of course; however all but the cheapest thermometers are within a degree or two, so this is one of the variables that shouldn't be an issue. Because thermometers are used in a challenging environment - think dampness here - a quality unit will be sealed against moisture. Cheap units will have battery compartments that will flood if the thermometer is inadvertently dropped into the sink. Cases with mating surfaces that can admit water contain electronics that will likely succumb to spray and steam, shortening their useful lives. Cases that might leak are also more likely to break if dropped, so look for quality construction that is water resistant. 

Ergonomics can also be a factor, especially if you're left-handed. Folding thermometers, pioneered by the ThermoWorks Thermapen are popular for their long probes that can be safely stowed when put in the pocket. Quality units have a display that rotates so that the numbers are properly oriented whatever the position of the case. This saves mental gymnastics when trying to decide whether that 2 is a 5 or a 2 or vice-versa. Most units will have a backlight so you can read them in poor lighting. Some require pressing a button; others auto-sense the ambient light and illuminate automatically, a handy feature. The better thermometers also have long battery life. There can be few more frustrating situations than having the button battery croak just as you're assessing the Thanksgiving turkey's readiness for the table.

We weigh these factors when assigning our product ratings: Platinum, Gold, Silver, Bronze and Not Recommended. There are many quality products out there, as well as some junk, so peruse our database and find the product that best meets your needs. Then buy with confidence.

OXO Chef's Precision Thermocouple Thermometer
The OXO Chef's Precision Thermocouple Thermometer is a high-end instant read thermometer that is waterproof to IP66 standards (excellent protection) and incorporates some features that make it attractive for left-handed users. Its unique features and solid construction rate our top award. read more
ThermoWorks Thermapen IR
The ThermoWorks Thermapen IR has both an instant-read temperature probe and an infrared sensor in one package. It features a rotating display to enable easy reading in any orientation. It is well constructed, as is usual for ThermoWorks products and exhibits excellent performance. A solid top rating! read more
ThermoWorks Thermapen Mk 4
The ThemoWorks Thermapen Mk 4 is the latest version of a product that has long been considered the gold standard thermometer. The Mk 4 has the original Thermapen's shape and basic operation, but includes features that are common on high-end instruments: automatic backlight and rotating display. It gets our top rating. read more
ThermoWorks ThermoPop (TX-3100-XX) Review
The ThermoPop is an inexpensive, high-performance, rapid-read handheld thermometer for food usage. It has a rotating display that makes it easy to read from any angle. It gives precise readings in under four seconds. We tested it thoroughly and gave it a top rating for its performance and build quality. read more
ThermoWorks DOT TX-1200
The ThermoWorks DOT TX-1200 is intended for use in food while cooking. It has a large readout, an easily-set alarm temperature and a long probe cable. It has a rapid response time that would allow it to double as an instant-read thermometer if desired. We gave it a top rating for its build quality and performance. read more
ThermoPro TP-15 Instant Read
The ThermoPro TP-15 is an excellent handheld instant read thermometer with a remarkably low price (under $20), a great warranty, and accurate readings within 4 seconds. It has features that many more expensive units lack. Highly recommended with a Platinum Medal. read more
Maverick PT-55 Waterproof Instant-Read Thermometer
Here is a complete review of the Maverick PT-55 waterproof thermometer, a full-featured, hand-held, instant read thermometer that received a Gold Medal for its fast response. read more
BlizeTec Barbecue
See our analysis of the BlizeTec digital thermometer, an inexpensive unit intended for food use. We do not recommend this product. read more
Weber 6491 Original Pocket Thermometer
See our analysis of the Weber 6491, a moderately priced folding thermometer that exhibited good accuracy but slow response times. We do not recommend this product. read more
Maverick ET-41 BBQ Probe with LCD
See our review of the Maverick ET-41, a VERY LARGE hand-held rapid-read thermometer that has a long probe, moderate response time, and a limited temperature range. We don't recommend this unit. read more
Polder THM-372 Speed-Read Instant Read Thermometer
Read our review of the Polder THM-372 thermometer that has pre-programmed meat/doneness combinations that are overly high and not user-adjustable. We do not recommend this product. read more
ThermoWorks RT610B Waterproof Digital Thermometer
Read our analysis of the ThermoWorks RT610B that has good accuracy, good water resistance but only fair response times. We do not recommend this product. read more
ThermoWorks 6032 Long Stem Digital Thermometer
See our review of the ThermoWorks Long Stem Digital Thermometer, a well-made unit with excellent accuracy but slow response times. We do not recommend this unit if you're looking for an instant read thermometer. read more
Chic Cuisine Food Thermometer
Read our review of the Chic Cuisine, an inexpensive hand-held probe that has reasonable performance but lacks any manufacturer contact info or warranty. We do not recommend this product. read more
Maverick ET-54 Bar-B-Fork with LCD
Read our analysis of the Maverick ET-54 fork that has user-settable temperatures for meat doneness, and a backlight. Its response times are too slow to be an effective thermometer. We don't recommend this product. read more


ThermoWorks ThermoPop

Bill McGrath

Bill McGrath is's Thermometer Maven. He has sophisticated equipment, an electrical engineering degree from Cornell University, and an MBA (almost) from UC Berkeley. Despite being mostly retired, he is still the person responsible for developing and updating all of ExxonMobil's electricians' training modules.

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